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When a passion dominates us, it steals our will and takes away all the happiness in life. We become unresponsive to people and events, as our brain repeats the same dialogue pictures, or words. In a conversation, we take little interest in what the other person is saying and soon talk about our passions, oblivious to the effect on our listener.

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The passions vary in their strength. When they are light we are able to work and be entertained, but when they are intense our thoughts are focused on our passions. Along with compulsions, they operate outside of our conscious control and rarely end in arguments. Passion can be the possession of Bioenergy Code pdf our mind. Our thoughts spin in races or circles, constantly worrying, fantasizing or searching for answers. They can run our lives, so that we lose pleasure and productive activity for hours, sleep, even days or weeks.

Passion can cripple us. Other times, they can lead to compulsive behaviors such as repeated emailing, checking our weight or if the doors are locked. We lose ourselves, our emotions and our ability to solve and solve problems. These passions are usually motivated by fear.

What is Read BioEnergy Code Program?

Codependent (which includes intoxication) focuses on the exterior. Drug addicts obsessed with the object of their addiction – alcoholics over alcohol, sex addicts, food addiction. Our thinking and behavior revolve around the object of our addiction, while our true selfishness is drenched in shame. But we can see anyone or anything.

Because of shame, we remain concerned with how we treat others, which worries our employees, and we obsess over other types of performance or behavior, including our past, present, Bioenergy Code free and future actions. East. Where others watch and during dates or after a breakup. Shame also creates insecurity, doubt, self-criticism, indecision, and irrational guilt. Common guilt can turn into an obsession that falters and that can last for days or months. Common guilt is overcome by correcting or taking corrective action, but the shame is that it is “us” who are bad, not our actions.

Who is the creator of this Program?

Co-addicts are usually obsessed with the people they love and care about their issues. They may become obsessive and worry about the behavior of the alcoholic, Bioenergy Code review not realizing that they have become alcoholics with him, just as the alcoholic is with alcohol. Passion can fuel compulsive efforts to control others, such as following someone, reading another person’s newspaper, emails, or texts, watering down bottles of wine, hiding keys, or searching for drugs. None of this helps, but only causes more chaos and conflict. The more we are attached to someone else, the more we get lost. When asked how we are, we can quickly change the subject on which we are influenced.

In a new romantic relationship, it’s okay to think about your loved one to some extent, but for co-addicts it often doesn’t end there. When there is no concern for the relationship, Bioenergy Code pdf free download we can be in love with our partner’s location or create jealous scripts that harm the relationship. Our passion can also be pleasurable, like fantasies about romance, sex, or power. We can imagine how we like our relationship or how we want someone to act. A major mismatch between our imagination and reality can reveal what Bioenergy Code phrases we lack in our lives.

Some codepends are consumed by obsessive love. They may call their loved one several times a day, demanding attention and answers, and can easily be hurt, rejected or abandoned. In fact, it is not really love, but a desperate person must avoid slavery, loneliness and inner emptiness. It usually drives the other person away. True love Bioenergy Code pdf free download accepts the other person and respects their needs.

How does BioEnergy Code Works?

Denial is a major symptom of codependency – denial of painful realities, intoxication (ours and others), and denial of our needs and feelings. Many codepans are unable to recognize their feelings, or they may be able to name them, but not feel them. This inability to tolerate painful emotions is another Bioenergy Code audiobook reason we obsess over co-addicts. Passion serves to protect us from painful feelings. Thus, he little

Emotionally nervous – Feeling overwhelmed to the point that you sometimes have to lie down with emotional exhaustion.

panic attacks; Imagine death from various causes; Physical changes in things such as blood pressure; Gastric acid; Common beliefs and so on can be produced as a result of these beliefs. When you have unexplained symptoms you can turn into a bit of a hypochondriac, take multiple trips to see your doctor, and even take Bioenergy Code affiliate a midnight trip and you don’t know what they mean. .

You need to see it as a normal part of the emotional release process and not go into the stage of self-criticizing such behavior; Especially when others do – self-criticism only delays healing.

Seeing this behavior in yourself, you might wonder if you should now turn to your old approach of avoiding inner direction (I find it impossible to do this – it was a bit like tying it up on the side on a roller coaster below).

What should you focus on?

The thing you should start to focus on is the difference. Things can go wrong – but they are different; They are not very far apart, are they?

  • To find out what the different things are again, keep fighting your way thinking this.
  • My personal goal when I started my self-healing program was to get rid of all of this within three months. Although this pilot plan did not work out as expected, I had made so Bioenergy Code author much progress in those three months that I knew I should continue because of the level of difference. I may be in pain, but I felt more independent.
  • I didn’t like the trip, but eventually a trip had to happen and I was going to do it, even though it was killing me.
  • You learn to focus on what you are doing rather than how you are feeling because it makes a difference. You can release the emotional pressure.
  • Repeatedly shifting your conscious attention to an obsession may not make the outside world look like an action, but it will certainly make you feel like an action. It is a “deepening”, repeated daily, that gives results.
  • Like most other areas of life, that first voyage into theBioenergy Code audible unknown is often the most painful, longest, and steepest learning curve, but nothing else can happen without it.

Recently, a former colleague asked me on Facebook about the ability of the Wii to induce tics and / or obsessive-compulsive symptoms (obsessive thoughts and / or compulsive behaviors). Her Bioenergy Code audio six-year-old son had developed a strange behavior; Namely, he couldn’t stop touching things. He used to touch and rub his hands and hands all over the walls, and even when he wanted to, found it difficult to stop Bioenergy Code book pdf his behavior. For example, if they are walking down a hallway, they are walking against the wall and constantly banging their arms against the wall in serpentine movements.

After reading a few articles on this website and knowing that tics occur in his family, he initially thought he would develop a tick disorder. He did not license other video games, but did license the Wii. He didn’t play much, got good grades, behaved well, played sports and had no social problems. However, he instinctively Bioenergy Code book review figured out that the Wii could be the cause of “touch problems”, so he fixed it.

“Almost immediately, (the compulsions) were gone,” she told me. “I decided to change what I was getting from the Y with those same games in real life. We played bowling, baseball, I also made Bioenergy Code book games for the kids to play in the backyard. Since we do a lot of activities He did not understand that we had taken him away. Plus, it got all the kids playing together instead of fighting … it was fun! “

Well done, mom !! This is exactly the intervention I would have suggested if the child had come to see me. Often by the time a child arrives at my office they have serious problems and the mother is at Bioenergy Code book pdf free download the end of her rope. When I suggest that they replace video games with alternative activities, they feel that this is yet another demand for energy and they are overwhelmed.

  • So there are actually two points of origin:

While I generally focus on video games and more disruptive behavior / mood issues, here we have an example of a different set of symptoms in a very specific and different healthy child Bioenergy Code course review exhibited by a game, which the Most parents consider it “healthy”. (For the record, it’s healthier than just sitting there, of course, but can still cause all of the mood, behavior, sleep, and concentration issues that other electronic games cause).

It is very easy to change the schedule of activities before things get out of hand. It is very likely that, left unchecked, this behavior can snowball into a myriad of other symptoms, making it Bioenergy Code customer reviews very difficult for the mother to act and the energy to organize active play.

Why did this happen? All electronic displays, but especially as an interactive game, will increase dopamine levels in the brain. Many psychiatric disorders are linked to dopamine, including ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, tick-related disorders, mood disorders, stuttering, and even schizophrenia. Your child Bioenergy Code course might not have all of the symptoms I’m talking about, which can be related to video games, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect them.

Final Conclusion

Follow this story: After a hiatus of several months, my friend and her husband decided to resume the Wii in very small doses, say once a month, once or twice for 30 minutes, and that’s the problem. For now, his touching behavior has not returned. She knows that if she does the obligatory repetition of the touch, book called Bioenergy Code she will pull it again. This case demonstrates the power of a good clean break from all video games (“elimination”), allowing the brain to reset itself before considering “moderation”.

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